We're standing on the border between the inside and the outside. Opened - we invite to come in to a meeting or talk. Half-opened - we guard the privacy but we allow the inside and the outside reality to penetrate. Closed - we ensure the feeling of safety and we guard your privacy. We are friends of the house and will serve for many years, fulfilling our tasks excellently every day.

We are the buisness card of your house. The householders rejoice when they see us. When impatient guests are waiting outside to come in, we are what they look at. We are the reflection of the taste of our owners, because they decide whether we look classical or sophisticated. We are attractive but also functional and successfully protect the inmates of coolness. Our solid construction causes, that we ensure them the feeling of safety. We are reliable guards of their private space and property and are aware of our value. It's up to us how the house looks like and how safe the owners feel.
We're luxurious because we increase the space of the house. Thanks to us the family life doesn't only take place inside but also outside of the building. Glazed, we enrich every interior with beautiful views, which are changing all year round. We let a lot of daylight into the house, which gives the inmates a lot of positive energy. Thanks to us the garden seems to be within the stretch of a hand. You only need to go over a doorstep, even in slippers and a dressing-gown, to find yourself among flowers and trees. We are friends of home pets, dogs and cats - both love us. Closed tight we create an insurmountable obstruction for intruders and unwanted guests.