Philipdoor filled transparently

Philipdoor with filled transparently

Product information

The entrance Philipdoor with the overlay fulfillment is:

  • The possibillity of executing doors with one-sided aluminium overlay fulfillment or a modern PVC profile, which is addapted especcially for overlay fulfilments
  • Every door in the standard is equipped with a 3-bolt zip with an automatical function, which meets the highest safety standards
  • High quality 2-part hinges with a 3-plane regulation
  • Thermally separated low threshold addapted to the needs of disabled people with a isolated UDP profile
  • Patented insert with safety function and 3 keys in the standard
  • The usage of overlay fulfillments causes that we get smooth, elegant surfaces without visual disruptions
  • Increased safety level and energy efficiency
  • Big choice of possibilities to handle the door in form of different handle combinations, knobs and handrails
PVC Depth

70mm profil TREND STAR
82mm profil CLIMA STAR 82

ALU Depth

72mm for MB70,
77mm for MB86

PVC Insulation

Ud= 1,04 W/m2k CLIMA STAR 82 Front door overlay 40mm
Ud= 0,82 W/m2k CLIMA STAR 82 Front door overlay 65mm

ALU Insulation

Ud=1,25 W/m2k Front door MB86 overlay 36mm
Ud=1,04 W/m2k Front door MB86 overlay 65mm

Construction fill

Double-sided attachment panel:
external cladding 2mm/ internal cladding 1,3mm + 2mm,  rigid polyurethane foam
One-Sided attachment panel:
external cladding 2mm/ internal cladding 1,3mm, rigid polyurethane foam

Fill insulation

U Factor for closed filling:
36mm  = 0,89 W/m2k
53mm  = 0,65 W/m2k
65mm  = 0,53 W/m2k