An aluminum system with notch hinges, which is free in designing and can be executed as an arched construction. Makes it possible to produce doors and external glazings when thermal insulation of the profiles not needed.
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Product information

MB-45S system:

- Equipped with notch hinges, which are aesthetic and fast in montage

- Has various functions and ways to open the window, door and adapted to the users' needs

- Has a big choice of options to seal the door and of the threshold shapes and heights

- Intended for bars for glazing in three types: Standard, Prestige, Style.


frame: 45 mm

wing: 45 mm


glazing width: 2 -25 mm

Min visible width T-profile

frame (door / window): 66,5 mm / 43,5 mm
wing (door / window): 72 mm / 27,5 mm

Size and weight limitations

Maximum size of door (wing): H do 2400 mm (2200 mm), L do 1250 mm (1400 mm)
Max weight (wing): 130 kg

Types of constructions

notch doors, walls with doors